Maximm 10 Feet Slot Power Cord,2 Prong Figure 8 Power Cord Non Polarized Power Cable NEMA 1-15P to IEC C7 - UL Approved


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Maximm Cables 18 AWG Slot Power Cord Extension Cord - 3 Feet - Black - 2 Pack(NEMA 1-15P to IEC C7) Suitable For General Indoor Use! The Maximm 3-ft. 18AWG, 2.5A Slot Power Extension Cord is the ideal simple and affordable solution for extending the length to your Computer laptop power supplies with this 18Awg NEMA 1-15P 2 prong male plug connecting into any outlet power source and a IEC603320-C7 female (Non-polarized Figure-8) 2 slot power socket on the other end connecting into your power device. Easily connect and replace or just get that extra length you always wished to have to extend the reach between your power source and your CD playerv , DVD player, PC, Desktop, Scanners or any other equipment that uses the C7 Socket Power Cable. The standard two prong design allows use for DVD players, CD players, VCR's, Printers, TV's, radio's, lamps, lights and any other small appliances with light duty weight, pluging it into the satandard power outlet with a NEMA 1-15P on the other end! Quality Construction The Maximm Cables slot cord is a 18-gauge Non polarized 2 prong, Providing highest quality with a Sturdy Long-Lasting Construction, Flame Retardant PVC insulated material. This cord is recommended for general indoor use for small light duty appliances. Specification • Figure-8, 2C • Connector 1: NEMA 1-15- 2 Prong male plug. • Connector 2: IEC-60320-C7 Female receptacle. • 18AWG*2C SPT-2 CORD. • SPT - S = service, P = Parallel, T = Thermoplastic/Vinyl. • 2.5A - 125V - 312W • UL Approved - meeting the required safety standards.

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