Lutron Deep Back Cover New Arch Wp - Grafikt Bright Crome (LWT-GTTT-BC)


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Microprocessor dimming technology for control of dimmable LED Lamps.Low-end and high-end trim are available for improved LED dimming performance (dimmer only).optional neutral connection available on 250 w LED models for superior LED dimming performance (cl dimmer only).phase selectable technology allows forward or reverse phase dimming for compatibility with more load types.Installs in single-pole or multi-location applications. Companion devices are available for multi-location control with Dimmers and switches (maximum 4 companion devices per dimmer or switch, 1 main control per circuit).use Lutron grafik T wall plates. All controls come with white wall plate. Other colors and finishes are sold separately. See the colors and finishes on page 3 for Details.

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