Light Green Universal Hand-stands Jelly Car Non-Slip Pad Dashboard Dash Plastic Mat for Sprint Samsung Galaxy Mega SPH-L600 - Sprint Samsung GALAXY Note 2 (SPH-L900)


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Hold all your digital devices (such as sunglasses, mobile phones, MP3, PDA, CD players, coins, etc) securely on the dashboard without shaking or tumbling. Sticky Pad holds your cell phone and other belongings to your dash in the car. Sticky Pad is an anti-slip mat that clings to your dashboard or center console and clings to anything that's placed on it. With the Sticky Pad, your cell phone, sunglasses or anything that's placed on the Sticky Mat will not slide off. Sticky Mat does not use any kind of adhesive or magnet and can be place in your car, truck, SUV, boat or airplane. Sticky Pad leaves no residue, is reusable and can be washed when it gets dirty. Note: This pad is compatible with soft vinyl surfaces. Avoid use on surfaces that have a lacquered finish (i.e. wood and some leather). Also avoid use on cars with hard or painted plastic dashes.Compartment doors or other painted surfaces Clean the surface well before applying STICKY MAT. When the pad becomes dusty and begins to lose it's stickiness just wash and pat dry and the STICKY MAT will be as sticky as when it was new. You will be shocked at how strong this sticky mat is! So strong I was able to stick my cell phone to the side of the fridge all day long. Don't worry if it gets dust and fuzzes stuck to it, because after you run it under the water faucet its back to normal! NOTE: This will NOT hold your phone if your phone has a silicone or leather case type of case on it.

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