koolehaoda Tripod BallHead with QR Quick Release Plate For Camera Tripod Ball Head,Compatible with Arca Swiss plate load: 20KG(KQ-20 Red)


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Product Description : The koolehaoda KQ-20 Ball Head is precise, meticulously machined and perfect for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike for its world-class quality based on years' of accumulated experience its innovative design. The KQ-20 series ball head is applied with the best aerial material, machined by high-end CNC and coated with anodic oxidation on its exterior to achieve its superior quality. The interior locking system has a sphere tolerance of 0.01 mm and is equipped with orientation-memory locking dial; this quick-locking mechanism allows for easy access and use. The 360-degree panel is integrated in the base which allows photographers to do panoramic or continuous shooting. The quick-release plate platform, adopting general sizes of international standards, is of the Arca-Swiss type, thus suitable for a variety of quick-release plates. Two bubble levels are included on the platform that serve as a measure of vertical and horizontal balance. The Two knobs of adjustment (from the base and up, respectively) are the panoramic control knob (smallest), ball-locking knob (the biggest) and the plate-locking knob at the top. The KQ-20 Ball Head can support up to 20 kg and is suitable for medium- and large-format photographic cameras, DSLRs and digita Specifications: Sphere diameter: 36MM Maximum load: 20KG Product Weight: 450G Maximum height: 100MM Bottom diameter:50mm Quick Release Plate 60*38mm Levels Quantity: 2 Packaging: 1X Professional Ball Head 1X Quick Release Plate

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