Keyboard Skin+14'' LCD Cover for Lenovo U41 S41 Y480 Y480p Y470 Y410p Y400 Y40 Z410 Z480 Z485 Z480 Z470 Z465 Z460A Z460 Z40 G410 G485 G480 G475 G470 G40 Flex 14, Flex 2 14'' (semi-black keyboard skin)


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Kind Reminder: Please DO check these 3 points to avoid buying wrongly 1, DO check your laptop model. It is only fit for these models => -- Lenovo IdeaPad S41, S41-35, S41-70, S41-75, U41, U41-70, Y480, Y480p, Y470, Y410p, Y400, Y40, Y40-70, Y40-80, Z410, Z480, Z485, Z480, Z470, Z465, Z460A, Z460, Z40, G410, G485, G480, G475, G470, G40, V485, V480, V470, Flex 14, Flex 2 (14 inch) 2, DO check your "enter" key to make sure it is a rectangle. If your "enter" key looks like "7", our skin can't fit. 3.Our screen protectors only cover visible screen part like ads, length 309mm x width 175mm.

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