JVC 3D Enabled 3-Chip Full HD D-ILA Front Projector

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[b]3D Home Theater Full HD D-ILA Projector[/b] Until now there has never been this combination of performance and value in the HD projection market. The DLA-X30 brings the excitement of 3D and JVCs renowned D-ILA technology to a wider audience than ever before. The X30 includes all the performance youve come to expect from JVC. It uses three D-ILA devices to project a Full HD 1920 x 1080 image with an amazing black level and 50000:1 Native Contrast Ratio. Native means JVC does not use a dynamic iris making it possible to reproduce the deepest blacks and vivid peak whites at the same time for the most impactful images in each and every frame. All new JVC Procision projectors are 3D enabled and feature a wide range of 3D enhancements including improved 3D picture quality and improved 3D functionality.

JVC DLA-X30 3D LCOS Projector

2D Performance 3D Performance Features Ergonomics Value Price: $3,500 At A Glance: Class-leading black levels • Outstanding pixel sharpness • 3D performance lacking Last May, I had the pleasure of reviewing the first 3D projector offered from JVC, the DLA-X3. At just under $4,500, it represented an amazing balance of value and performance. This year, JVC has made some radical changes to its projection line, including two new projectors with its e-Shift 4K upscaling feature. Replacing last year’s DLA-X3 is the DLA-X30, which adds lens memory to the package along with some new 3D options. But the biggest news is that JVC has lowered the price by almost 25 percent. So does last year’s amazing value become this year’s doorbuster? Let’s find out.

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