Juboury Solace Battery Active Noise Canceling Over-ear Headsets (black2)


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Immersive Sound Experience Active noise-cancelling technology suppresses background interruptions by up to 85%, allowing you to experience your music at enjoyable volumes. Comfort in Sound Designed for sound,optimised for comfort. High-quality fabrics and deep padding on the cans and deep-section headband allow easy, effortless listening for hours on end. SolaceII. is the perfect companion for disruptive and disturbing environments such as noisy offices or aeroplanes, when you just need some peace and quiet to relax and enjoy your favourite tunes. Travel Companion Juboury SolaceII is built for keeping your music in and unwanted noise out. With high-quality, gold-plated 3.5mm connections designed for use with portable music devices and in-flight entertainment systems,these headphones are your new travel companion. Rotating ear sections and a rigid carry case allow you to take your SolaceII. headphones practically anywhere you can imagine. From the noisiest bus to the most cramped metro line, you will be thankful of SolaceII. Features --Ultra high-quality,dynamic 40mm speaker drivers mean you can enjoy the best sounds-quality possible --Adjustable headband and fully-padded ear cups for a perfect fit --Designed for use with in-flight entertainment systems and other audio systems --Gold-plated 3.5mm connections for optimum sound and signal quality Technical Specification --Gold-plated connections --Transducer type: Dynamic --Driver size: 40mm --Frequency range: 30-20,000Hz --Impedance: 32Ω --Power output: 100mW --Noise attenuation: Max 20dB --Distortion: Less than 1% --Connections: 3.5mm stereo jack, supplied with 1.5M detachable cable --Power supply: 2 x AAA (not included) --Weight: 175 or 196 grams with batteries fitted

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