JJC Soft & Elastic Nozzle Air Blower Blaster Cleaner for Camera, Sensor(CCD/CMOS), Lens, Filter, Keyboard, Comptuter, Monitor, Television, LCD Screen, Glasses, Watch, Precision Instruments Anti-Dust


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JJC CL-B12 BLACK Dust Blower Cleaner is made of premium silicone material, soft and elastic, which fits cleaning cameras, lenses, keyboards, televisions, monitors, LCD screens, glasses, precision instruments and so forth. It is ideal for removing dust from sensitive parts and crevices without leaving residues. The Dust Blower Cleaner can direct powerful streams of air to blow away debris from your delicate devices without physical contact, non-toxic and environmental-friendly. The soft silicone air nozzle will not damage your device even though it comes into contact with your device accidentally. Featuring ergonomic design, it is easy to grip and operate. Besides that, you can also use this Dust Blower Cleaner together with lens cleaning pen and microfiber cleaning cloth to clean your devices thoroughly.

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