iPhone SE, elago Slimfit 2 Case for the iPhone SE/5/5S + HD Professional Extreme Clear film included - Full Retail Packaging (Soft Feeling Italian Rose)


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The elago Slimfit case is the go-to case for a classic look. Solid colored cases give your iPhone a splash of color; not too much, but enough to catch the eye. Resin has been the added change in construction of the Slim Fit to give it more flexibility and durability. Clothe your iPhone with your own flare by using the elago Slimfit! Corner protection and raised screen protection means less damage to your iPhone. Lay your iPhone screen-side down on a flat surface with no issues! The Slimfit is perfect for any minimalist's style. High Quality Dual coating on the Slimfit case improves grip and texture; coating also is particularly excellent in preventing otitis and is resistant to residue from everyday life. Complete access to all buttons and ports on your iPhone; Lightning adapter and cable can be used without removing the case. Anti-Ghost camera cutout optimizes camera usage and stops known negative camera phenomena from occurring. Different color options allow you to match your iPhone with your wardrobe, favorite team's color, or even your personality! You dress yourself with your personal style; dress your iPhone up too! Elago Slimfit was designed in California and made in Korea. We manufactured the Slimfit cases in Korea to ensure quality control and the use of non-toxic chemicals; this is purely for the customer. We appreciate your patronage and it is shown through our products!

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