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Infinity Speaker Foam Edge Replacement Repair Kit, 5-1/4", FSK-5.25


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Fits Infinity cabinet and driver models:Infinity 902-2659, 902-5233, 902-5621, 902-6136, 902-6344, 902-6416, 902-7546, 902-7576 (trim OD to 5"), RS Video, Video One, SL-10, SL10, SM5GSF, SM-215 midrange, SM215, SM-225 midrange, SM225, SM-255 midrange, SM255, SS-2001, SS2001, Sterling Center, Sterling Video, 2000.1, 307851-001, 333510-00, Alpha 50, CC3, Composition Overture 3, Composition Quadrapole Surrounds (PFR), CS-Video, EL-30, EL30, ERS-500, ERS500, Kappa Center, Kappa Video, Kappa Video II, Primus 150, Reference E-L, Reference E-L Video, RS-1L, RS1L, RS-125, RS125, and many more! Please check the model and size of your speakers before ordering to be sure you receive the correct foam edge repair kit.

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