Infinity One Premium Wireless Portable Speaker


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The Infinity One's high-quality drivers deliver clarity at breathtaking volumes, wherever you bring your music. It pairs with your Bluetooth music sources. Its rechargeable battery provides10 hours playtime and can even charge an external device. The One's cutting-edge industrial design allows simple, intuitive operation of all controls. Its ceramic-coated aluminum chassis delivers durability and contemporary beauty to your eyes as well as your ears.

Infinity One Wireless Speaker

Performance Features Ergonomics Build Quality Value PRICE $300 AT A GLANCE Plus Exceptional sound and bass response for the size Easy to set up, NFC pairing a bonus Unique design Minus Lacks detail of stationary speakers While portable, still takes up a lot of bag space THE VERDICT The One would be my pick for portable/desktop crossover. It’s not tiny, but it’s definitely easy to take with you, and the sound is really fantastic when you take the footprint into account. How It Connects: Bluetooth, NFC, ⅛” analog. Another relatively compact portable option, the Infinity One weighs just under 3 pounds and costs $100 more than the Cambridge Audio Go. That $100 is well represented, however, in both added features and sonic quality. With four 1.77-inch drivers and two passive radiators, the One puts out an impressive amount of sound.

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