Indoor Outdoor HOME HDTV Digital TV Tuner with USB Power AMP ISDB ATSC DVBT VHF UHF Ultra-Thin TV Antenna Aerial Cable50 Mile Range by HitCar


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The HDTV Antenna is Lava's new ultra-thin, lightweight, and wall-mountable HDTV antenna! Is paper-thin compared to bigger bulky indoor antennas. It takes up no space and can be positioned behind your flat screen TV away from view. The antenna is an active antenna that can be used with your TV or set top box that supports coaxial powering or power adapter. With its strong reception and small size, it allows for unobtrusive placement anywhere in your room! Installation: Note: For the best reception, Please check the following conditions 1. Keep the antenna away from the sources of interference: keep the antenna away from those big power consumption devices, such as air conditioner,elevator,hair dryer and microwave oven ...etc. 2. Place the antenna near windows when use the antenna in door environment. 3. Install the antenna as high as possible: in digital terrestrial reception, if there are some interceptions between antenna and transmission tower, it will cause the signal loss temporarily. So if the antenna is installed as high as possible, those interceptions will be reduced. Specifacition: 1. Frequency: VHF(170-240Mhz) \ UHF(470-860Mhz) 2. VSWR: ¡Ü1.5 3. Impedance: 75 ¦¸ 4. LNA Gain: 25dB 5. Connectors: F Male 6. Cable: 1.5C-2V / Black L=5M 7. Polarization £º Linear 8. Voltage: 5V 9. Power Supply Connector: USB 10. Current Consumption: 20mA 11. Operation Temperature : -45 ~ 85¡æ 12. Storage Temperature : -45 ~ 85¡æ 13. 50 (With Amplifier) / 35 Miles range (Without Amplifier)

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