IMZ Lens Cap Bundle - 3 x 67MM Front Lens Filter Snap On Pinch Cap Protector Cover For DSLR SLR Camera Lens


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Lens Cap Bundle by IMZ USA Contents: 3 x 67mm Lens Caps Compatible with: DSLR Camera Lens How to Pick the Right Size Lens Cap for Your Camera Lens! The lens cap should be the same size (if your camera takes 77mm filters, you will need a 77mm snap-on lens cap). If you don't know the size of your filter threads, you can find out by looking on your lens for the symbol ? with a number next to it. You can buy any other sizes of lens caps for your camera lens directly here: 49mm lens caps: 52mm lens caps: 55mm lens caps: 58mm lens caps: 62mm lens caps: 67mm lens caps: 72mm lens caps: 77mm lens caps: 82mm lens caps: This product is sold exclusively by IMZ USA.

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