iMBAPrice DVFR3W-2 (3-Gang) Recessed Electrical Outlet Mounting Box w/ Paintable Wall Plate, 2-Pack


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The DVFR3W triple gang InBox allows you to run high and low voltage cables behind the wall so your TV and furniture can be mounted or placed flush against the wall. Our recessed indoor INBOX works with new or existing construction. That means can work in your current house, or installed in a new house on a stud. It allows LCD, Plasma, Flatscreen TVs, and Furniture to be placed flush against the wall. Any outlet or switch will fit inside. Its a recessed box so plugs don't extend past the wall, like they do in a regular box. You can mount TVs flush or push furniture closer to the wall. It has positioning tabs for 1/2-Inch wall thickness to assure accurate placement on the stud. It has a textured, paintable trim plate to cover edges of cut drywall and keep your project looking professional. It can be installed horizontal or vertical. Each box has wings that automatically turn and tighten the box to the wall as they're screwed in. It also comes with screws to install. It won't move around at all when its installed. So when you want a normal outlet to sit deep in the wall, use this item.

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