iMBAPrice - 4 Way AV Switch RCA Switcher 4 In 1 Out Composite Video L/R Audio Selector Box for DVD STB Game Consoles and More


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This 4 ports AV switch allows you to connect multiple video devices with AV out (such as Wii, XBOX, DVD, PS2, Cable Box) to one set of standard yellow-white-red RCA connectors of your TV using AV cables. Then you will be able to easily switch the input signal without the need to disconnect and re-connect your AV devices. Applicable to DVD / VCD / VCR, TV special kind of game players.Convenient switch on top of the developing AV Multi-Selector. Supports resolution of 1024 x 768 @ 85 Hz.Works with standard AV (yellow-red-white) connector.Size: 13.6cm x 10cm x 3.8cm.

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