House of Marley

House of Marley, Uplift 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Long Battery Life, Ergonomic fit, Lightweight, Premium Sound, Adjustable Magnetic Clasp, Weighs 24 Grams, Easy Pairing, EM-JE103-BA Brass


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The earphone’s new durable design incorporates Bluetooth connectivity, utilizes an easy pairing system, and offers a play time that lasts over 10 hours. The acoustics have also been re-tuned to give listeners a more balanced, cleaner and crisper sound. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable and unobtrusive listening experience, the choke-free and adjustable magnetic clasp ensures that the lightweight electronic housing rests comfortably and securely around the back of your neck. The Uplift 2 Wireless weighs a mere 24 grams. FSC forests are managed with consideration for the environment. FSC guarantees the trees harvested are replaced and regenerated naturally. Utilizing recyclable aluminum, an efficiently reusable metal, significantly reduces the amount of the material entering the waste stream. Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, the Uplift 2 Wireless features a fast and easy pairing system with your audio player. Features a fast and easy pairing system with your audio player.

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