Hisense 120-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart HDR Laser TV 2019 (120L10E)


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Lose yourself in an immersive 120-inch display! Hisense 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV with HDR and Wide Color Gamut on a 120” Screen. This 120-inch ‘panel-less’ 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV is a masterful combination of movie-theater technology, elegant aesthetics, and a simple table-top setup. Enjoy watching your favorite shows, movies or sports on a 120” screen in your living room, family room or home theater. The Hisense 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV features Hisense’s proprietary technology to produce luminance, incredible color, and an unmatched motion rate. In addition, the TV comes with built-in Harman Kardon® speakers with a wireless subwoofer. The Laser TV delivers 3000 lumens, HDR, Wide Color Gamut, a UHD Upscaler to bring your content to near 4K quality, Wi-Fi, popular music and movie apps (such as Netflix) and many more features to enjoy for an incredible and premium viewing experience!

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