HifiMan Electronics Edition S Open/Closed Back On-Ear Dynamic Headphones (Black)


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HIFIMAN is an established market leader in full-size planar magnetix headphones as well as in-ear phones. The missing piece in the puzzle has been an on-ear model. That is until now.Enter the Edition S Open/Closed Back On-Ear Dynamic Headphones. In the companys long-established tradition of creating remarkable performance for the price the Edition S establishes a new benchmark for others to follow. FeaturesHigh performance - With a sensitivity rating of 113dB and impedance of 18 ohms the Edition S can be driven by most portable audio devices and it sounds simply great doing it!Open/closed back design - HIFIMAN gives you the best of both worlds with an on-ear headphone that can go from one more to the other simply by adding or removing the logo cap on the ear cup.Portable and foldable - Only 8.74 ounces the Edition S can be easily folded and stored in its supplied travel case.

HiFiMan Edition S Headphones

Performance Features Ergonomics Value PRICE $249 AT A GLANCE Plus Open- or closed-back design Lightweight Super easy to drive Minus A tad bright on some recordings THE VERDICT With its open- or closed-back design, the Edition S provides unusual flexibility at affordable cost. HiFiMan is a hard one to pin down. True, they’re best known for their high-end, advanced-technology planar-magnetic headphones like the $2,999 HE1000 I reviewed in the November, 2015 issue of Sound & Vision. Most HiFiMan headphones are planar designs, but this new one, Edition S, is a more conventional dynamic headphone, albeit one with a rather unusual feature: It’s an open- or closed-back design. Say what? Let me explain.

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