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Grace Design

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Grace Design
at Sweetwater

preamps channel strips with the m103 grace designs has combined some of their finest transformerless circuitry to release a channe...l strip that meets their extreme criteria of high headroom intricate detail and immaculate clarity. the m103 comes... read more

Grace Design

When you want to hear your music exactly as it's recorded, listen on the Grace Design m920. It's ready to play back from a wide ra...nge of input sources, and supports up to 384kHz/32 bit PCM audio - that's high quality sound. Even better, it's ready to play back DSD64 and DSD128 formats, which sound even better. It's an awesome amp for headphones or speakers, and there's even a crossfeed function that simulates the acoustic effect of speakers when listening on headphones. You'll hear every detail with the Grace Design m920 headphone amp. read more