Gomadic Dual DC Vehicle Auto Mini Charger designed for the Amcor Navigation GPS 3750 - Uses Gomadic TipExchange to charge multiple devices in your car


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Go dual and travel in peace. No more arguments about whose device takes priority. Whether you are on a road trip with your sales team or taking the family to the beach, the Gomadic Amcor Navigation GPS 3750 Dual Car Charger makes traveling fun again. Compatible with the Gomadic innovative TipExchange Technology and backed with a lifetime warranty, the Amcor Navigation GPS 3750 Dual Charger gives you limitless options for charging your gear on the go. Simply leave the charger intact and rotate your device by plugging in the removable tips that are custom-made for all your devices. Just lock, load, and shuffle without any hassle or worry. While we get you started with tips specifically designed for the Amcor Navigation GPS 3750 as well as a standard MicroUSB and a Female USB connector, we have tips for thousands of additional devices available separately. Take multitasking to the next level and enjoy all the versatility with the Gomadic dual charger. You will not regret it!

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