GE Surge Protector Tap Computer Surge Protector (39429)


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Conveniently connect your equipment with a GE 5 Outlet Adapter Surge Protector. With five grounded outlets and two USB charging ports providing 2.4 amps of charging power, the surge tap transforms your regular outlet into an efficient, multi-purpose charging station. The versatile outlet options reduce the need for USB-charging adapters, keeping the area free from clutter. The space-saving design of the swivel tap is ideal for any room in your home or office, regardless of size or setup. Two AC outlets and two USB-charging ports occupy one side of the surge tap while three AC outlets are built into the 90-degree swivel on the other side. The swivel tap decreases stress on your cables and also fits easily behind desks, sofas, and other furniture. In the event of a surge, the tap is equipped with 560 joules of surge protection to keep your connected devices safe from damage. Additionally, the tap features Automatic Shutdown technology, which blocks power to your equipment once surge protection expires. Upgrade your regular outlet with a GE 5 Outlet Adapter Surge Protector.

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