FosPower 14 Gauge Speaker Wire 50FT, CL2 Rated 14AWG 2-Conductor In-Wall Speaker Wire Cable, Oxygen-Free Pure Copper - UL Listed for In-Wall Installation


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Connectivity FosPower's premium CL2 in-wall speaker wire is used to connect power amplifiers and audio receivers to speakers in home, school, church or business environments. Use it with banana wall plates, bare wire connectors, banana plugs, spade connectors, A/V receivers, amplifiers & other home and professional sound applications. CL2 In-Wall Rated by UL FosPower's speaker wire is rated CL2 by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for in-wall use. Oxygen Free Pure Copper Wire The high-strand count, oxygen free copper wire, produces a high quality, clean sound. Consider oxygen free pure copper when purchasing your speaker wire. Mixing alloys like aluminum with copper wire (CCA/Copper Clad Aluminum) can result in a less conductive wire, poor sound quality, along with brittle/weak wires than can break easily. Poor quality speaker wires have pockets of oxygen in the copper. With time, these pockets can become larger and cause oxidation, which results in less conductive copper. Our cables are oxygen free. American Wire Gauge (AWG) AWG refers to the gauge of the oxygen free copper wire without the insulating jacket. AWG is used in North America to measure and regulate the thickness of the copper wire. Don't get confused by inexpensive speaker wire labeled "Gauge" that may be smaller in size. Jacket with Color Coded Wires Each oxygen free copper wire is sheathed in a flexible, PVC jacket that is color coded for polarity to insure a correct, easy, and fast installation. The entire cable assembly is sheathed in a CL2 rated PVC jacket. Spooled for Convenience Speaker wire is wound around a spool for easy dispensing and storage.

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