Emart 20" x 28" Softbox Photography Light Kit, 2250 Watt Photo Video Equipment Soft Studio Continuous Lighting Kit


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Feature: This new professional portable photo lighting kit with soft box is a must for photographers and it suits all level. It is the perfect solution for product shooting and portrait as well as filming for online retailers and commercial product catalog. The high quality softboxes provide you soft light for reducing over-exposure and hot spots as well as removing ugly shadows. Specifications: Five Head Light Holder - 5pcs On/Off buttons for 5 bulbs control separately allow operate easily and control brightness. Built-in fuse and power indicator make work securely. Special designed handle can prevent from touching hot light body and Indicator light for power on. Energy Saving Light Bulbs - 45W/5500K energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb saves energy up to 80% while equlals to 5 times regular incandescent light bulb output. 5500K color temperature is most suitable for studio shooting, which gives you the most natural colour and prevent colour aberration, unlike 6400K bulbs may lead to colour aberration. 20" x 28" Rectangular Soft Box - Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting. Silver internal face can minimize light loss and maximize light spread. White soft cover strengthens the effect of soft light. Lighting Stand - Solid safety 3 legs stages with locked system can hold light bulbs and soft-box securely. Sturdy fitting helps setting up with minimal fuss. 33" - 83" adjustable height allows you fold and unfold easily. Convenient carry bag - Made of Nylon material, Safely stores the entire kit. Application - This professional soft box lighting kit is widely used to shoot clothing, models, footwear, bags, ceramic, etc. It is the perfect solution for studio and portrait shooting.

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