Edifier W570BT Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones - Lightweight Wireless Headset (White)


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Low Latency True Bluetooth Audio Edifier's headphones go wireless! Using technology from Bluetooth 4.0 Edifier is able to give you the wireless sound you deserve. Bluetooth offers the freedom you never had before. Get away from the restrictive wires for when you want mobility while listening to music, podcasts or audio books. Lightweight and Comfortable Key factors in determining the quality in a set of headphones is the level of comfort and build quality that the headphones offer. The W570BT are have a lightweight build, however, does not feel cheap. The on-ear design is the most agreeable fit you will perform without yielding sound quality. Spend a greater amount of the day listening to your sound while never removing your headphones. Durability for Days Bewildered with headphones that are shabby and aren't endeavored to last? The W570BT headphones may have a lightweight feel but are more durable than most competitors. The wired line of the W570BT is made of materials that are tough, flexible, and pull safe. These headphones are especially crafted for anything you may hurl at it. Specifications FREQUENCY RESPONSE:20Hz~20kHz IMPEDANCE:32Ω SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL:106dB DRIVER UNIT: 30mm ATTACHMENT: micro-USB cable WEIGHT:0.092kg

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