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The HUB is a revolutionary full duplex, mini base station that weighs only 9 oz. and can either be placed strategically "on locati...on" or belt worn. When clipped comfortabely to the waist it moves seamlessly with your group allowing users to remain in constant full duplex voice contact. The HUB features two channels, utilizes rechargeable Lithium batteries, and operates in the license-free DECT band. It connects up to six UltraLITE wireless headsets in full duplex mode within a 400 yard range. The dual pin jack allows addition of an EARTEC wired headset to increase the talk net to seven users. UltraLITE are breakthrough full duplex wireless headsets that provide hands-free, two-way voice communications. At the heart of these systems is a specialty master headset that relays the digital signals generated by up to three remote units. read more