DualBand Commercial VHF & UHF SMA HandHeld 2 Way & Scanner Antenna Comet HT-55 155/465Mhz


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SMA Handheld Radio antenna. 155/465Mhz black. Rated Receive 118~160, 250~290, 360~390,420~470, 820~960 Receives well from 108-960Mhz, Transmits Dualband 150-170 Mhz & 450-470 Mhz. Approx. 8" tall, Great for Mars/Cap modified Amateur Radios, GMRS, Commercial band transceivers & Scanners. SMA Male on antenna ( inner threads w/ center pin). Fits directly on all current Yaesu Amateur handhelds, TYT TH-UVF1 & THF5, Most Alinco, Uniden BCD-396XT, BCD436HP & others. Can be used with optional BNC or other adapters too.

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