Diamond Original CR320A Triband Mobile Antenna


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You will find that even with Diamond Antenna Tri-Band Mobile Antennas, all mobile antennas embody some sort of compromise. The variety of styles and features offered by these tri-band mobile antennas will allow you to select what the compromises will be. With numerous choices available, your problem won't be finding the right antenna; it will be deciding upon just one! These tri-band antennas are a great mixture of price, quality, and versatility! Generally speaking, the greater you want the gain to be, the taller the antenna will be. Taller antennas may not be appropriate for a magnetic mount, so other mounting options are available. Shorter antennas may be more expedient but will generally deliver less gain. You may want to consider antennas featuring the 'fold-over' design as yet another solution! Whichever antenna you may choose, there will be one no-compromise aspect: Every antenna will feature the same quality of construction and robustness you have come to anticipate from Diamond Antenna Tri-Band Mobile Antennas!

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