Denon AH-MM400EM MUSIC MANIAC over ear headphones 3 button remote/microphone with high-resolution sound source corresponding black


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Product introduction The ear cup, adopted the natural American walnut good sound, which is also used in piano and guitar body. Prototype and repeatedly listen was conducted shape so as to obtain the best sound quality, thickness, careful tuning up to finish. Ear pads and headband, it adopted the artificial leather that feel good durability of the new development. The flexible ear pads and breathable excellent headband enveloping the ear can be immersed in music forget time. As a convenient folding mechanism to carry and storage, compact adopted a collapsible fold-in mechanism. In addition, it employs a 40mm free edge carbon / paper composite diaphragm. The ideal internal loss and to achieve a sound without accurate and colored by carbon / paper composite diaphragm with rigidity. Was to allow a uniform piston motion that does not interfere with the movement of the diaphragm by a free edge structure. iPod / iPhone / iPad and three-button remote control that can be operated by hand the Includes cable with a call for the microphone. Also comes with a remote control with no OFC straight cable. equipped with the application (Denon Audio App for iOS / Android) where you can enjoy your iPod music library and Internet radio in high-quality sound. Furthermore, the corrected sound quality of your choice by the equalizer function or, such as creating playlists and save it can be performed with ease.

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