CyberPower CSP606U42A Professional Surge Protector, 900J/125V, 6 Outlets, 2 USB Charge Ports, 6ft Power Cord, White


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The CSP606U42A professional surge protector offers a contemporary, clean White surge protection option that is ideal for the modern home. It is designed to provide maximum protection and convenience to a number of devices where wall receptacles are out of reach. The professional surge protector prevents damaging spikes in energy caused by storms and electrical power from reaching your electronic equipment. It provides 3480 joules of protection, 6 Outlets (1 Widely spaced for a transformer plug), 2 USB charging ports, and a low profile right-angle, 6-foot braided power cord. Features of the CSP606U42A include safe-fail notification, microdot LED protected Green indication light, and a 15a power breaker switch. The two USB charging ports with 4. 2-Amp total output are located at the end of the professional surge protector, offering the best possible reach, gives you a faster charging time. This unit has network-line protection and keyhole mounting slots for easier storage. And a sleek design make it perfect for all your modern home power needs. With a $75, 000 connected equipment guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty, you can trust CyberPower commitment to the quality of the CSP606U42A. Safe-fail protection power is cut to connected equipment when the unit can no longer provide surge protection. Microdot LED protected Green indicator alerts you when surge protection is Active. Wide-spaced AC Outlets accommodates wide-spaced plugs without compromising the access of other Outlets. Usb ports two 4. 2-Amp total output to quickly charge mobile devices. Right-angle plug flat, wall-hugging angled plug for tight Outlet locations. Connected equipment guarantee CyberPower will repair or replace properly connected equipment If it is damaged by a power surge. Limited lifetime warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in the product under normal use and conditions. See warranty for Details. What's in the box surge protector, user manual

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