Countryman M4HP5RF12R ISOMAX 4RF Hypercardioid Podium Microphone with Rigid Flexibility (Black)


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The Countryman ISOMAX 4RF's unique Active vibration isolation detects and subtracts table thumps, handling noise, and other vibration from the signal, providing full, clean sound without the need for bulky shock mounts. Its tightly-controlled, consistent pickup pattern preserves voice quality at any angle while reducing feedback. Supplied with windscreen. All-purpose podium or table mic. Excellent choice for live, reverberant rooms and houses of worship. Impressive RF rejection virtually eliminates interference from cell phones and other wireless devices. Active Vibration Isolation eliminates vibration noise caused by tapping or bumping the table, raising/lowering mic, etc. Frequency response is flat with excellent pattern control. Excellent hypercardioid directional pattern. Doesn't lose directionality at higher frequencies. Sleek, elegant mic doesn't distract attention from the presenter. Active vibration isolation eliminates need for bulky, unattractive shock mounts. Comes with hypercardioid pattern and rigid (can be bent by hand) flexibility. Measures 12-inch overall length.

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