Countryman B2DP4FF05THWF B2D Directional Lavalier Microphone with Standard Gain Sensitivity (Tan)


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The Countryman B2D is easily the smallest directional lavaliere in the world, with the next smallest mic being more than twice its size. Combined with exceptional sound quality and isolation, this tiny package opens up a new set of miking options that were previously unavailable. The tight hyper cardioid pattern gives the B2D an extra 6-10 dB of headroom compared to an Omni lav, meaning less problems with feedback, ambient noise, room rumble, and phase cancellations with multiple mics. Easily hidden in hair/costumes or taped on performers' faces in film, theater and broadcast. Well-suited for news anchors, interviews, lecturers, churches, schools and general lavaliere applications. Tight hyper cardioid pattern rejects surrounding noise 6-10 dB better on average than an omnidirectional lavaliere. Low distortion at SPL up to 140dB (W6 sensitivity version). Super-rugged cable boasts greater than 45 lbs break strength. Accurate frequency response tuned for excellent speech intelligibility in chest and head worn applications. Smaller than the cable of other lavalieres. Easily hides in plain sight by swapping colored caps to match button hole, sweater weave or skin tone. Use a felt-tip marker to color the white caps to get an exceptional match. Built to withstand perspiration and makeup, for use in hair or on the body. Protective cap is easily removed for cleaning or replacement when clogged with makeup. Aramid-reinforced cable withstands heavy use. The mic will connect to an hardwired XLR3 male input with phantom power. Fixed/non-detachable B2D directional lavaliere microphone sensitivity is standard gain for most uses. Available in tan color.

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