Cooper Cases

Cooper Cases(TM) Blocks Apple iPad Mini Silicon Folio Case in Pink (Shock-absorbing Silicon Construction, Button/Port Cutouts, DIY Design Pieces)


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For the Apple iPad Mini user who's a fan of all things building & construction toys, then the appeal of this Cooper folio is obvious. But this tablet case for fans also makes a statement in both function and protection categories. The entire case is crafted from silicone material that feels and acts like rubber. And the raised peg surface acts as rugged as it looks. When dropped, this design can absorb the shock to protect that iPad. The Cooper Blocks Folio has dual-strap fasteners for secure case closure. They are designed in the old-fashioned construction toy tradition of peg-in-hole. Everything else on the inside is kept simple with all appropriate cutouts well-placed and -molded. Features - Exclusively designed to fit the Apple iPad Mini - 100% silicone design with soft rubbery feel - Anti-dust and anti-static surface - Oil/waterproof, scratch-resistant material - Lego-like studded surface - Fold back cover with dual-straps for secure closure - Cutouts for buttons, input/output ports and rear-facing camera - Includes colorful pieces for DIY exterior pattern design - Provides good all-around protection against basic wear and tear