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Connect 3.0 GSM/3G/4G High Gain Indoor Signal Booster Antenna for USB Modem


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Antenna "CONNECT 3.0" is designed to work with any GSM, 3G and 4G modems, are equipped with USB. The operation of the antenna "CONNECT 3.0" allows to increase operating range of wireless devices on GSM/3G/4G/ to improve connection stability in adverse weather conditions and increase the data rate. Because of design features the antenna perfectly fit into any decor. It makes it possible to use the modem without antenna adapters. * Placing antennas: Outdoor * Antenna Type: Communication Antenna * Standarts: GSM (GPRS/EDGE), 3G (HSPA/HSPA+/WCDMA), 4G (LTE800, LTE2700, WiMax) * Frequency: 800-6000 MHz * The gain, max.: 7-9dBi * Dimensions of assembly: 9,57х7,48х0,98 in * Weight: no more 1.1 lb * Connector type: USB - This Antenna will work with all Mobile Broadband 3G/4G USB Stick - This Antenna will improve your mobile broadband reception, great if you are in a low signal area.

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