Computer Gaming and Chatting Single Headset Over-Ear with Boom Microphone Foam Covered for PC Laptops Phones PS4 Xbox One/X Nintendo One Controlable Volume Light Weight 4.4ft Cable


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The Headset Microphone is very convenient to be used with gaming devices, such as Xbox and PlayStation, also, can be used with your laptop or smart phone. it's perfect for chatting over Skype or any other chatting software and App weather it's on your laptop or smart phone. It's very light, about 1.4 ounces, convenient for long talks. you will not need to shout for the other person to hear you out, the mic is just near your mouth, you can whisper and still can be clearly heard for privacy. the mic combined with goose neck flexible steel pipe that can be adjusted the way you like it. the headset is flexible, can be enlarged to exactly fit your head. the cable is 4.4 feet long, with a TRRS 4 poles headphone jack, compatible with most modern devices. Specifications: Driver:                           Φ30mm Sensitivity:                    103dB ±3dB Impedance:                    32 ohms ±15% Frequency Response:    80-20kHz Plug Type:                     3.5mm 4-Pole TRRS (CTIA / AHJ) compliant Cord Length:                 4.4 ~ 4.5 Feet Troubleshooting: Volume is very Low: Increase the volume knob to the max, and make sure the sound from the original source is loud. Uncomfortable: Please try to adjust the headset by placing it onto your right ear, then expand or contract it until it feels ok.

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