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HDMI-to-VGA Adapters

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220.17 299.99-220.17

manufacturer q see manufacturer part number qc958 2 brand name q see product name digital video recorder product type video survei...llance station technical information total number of channels 8 connectivity technology wired hd recording yes... read more


expand the capabilities of your device with the startech minidisplayport to hdmi adapter. it offers a three in one solution for co...nnecting an mdp source such as an ultrabook or macbook laptop to a larger vga dvi or hdmi display. this means you can... read more


simply connect one end of the adapter to the hp elitepad and connect the other end to your device. then pack and go when youre rea...dy to disconnect.expand what you can do with a suite of accessories designed specifically for the hp elitepad and turn a... read more

15.99 21.99-15.99

features 1. support mini display port 1.1a dual mode input. 2. this product with three ports and you can choose one port to connec...t at one time as you demand. 3. the hdmi can support audio output for imac late 2009 and mac book pro mid 2010 4.... read more


are you looking for an easy way to convert and play older devices without hdmi input on high resolution hdmi screens avermedias co...nverter et110 is the solution. lightweight and convenient it turns vga into hdmi signals and requires no additional... read more

139.88 288.30-139.88

brand name product name 2x1 vga hdmi to vga converter switch w priority switching 1080p marketing information share a... vga display projector between a vga and hdmi audio video source with priority switching. the vs221hd2vga vga ... read more

25.50 47.94-25.50

regardless of model or operating system belkin adapter dongles are the most efficient desktop extending solution extending your de...sktop laptop to two monitors. there is no need to spend extra on docking solutions that require software drivers and... read more


ge hdmi to vga adapter mirrors your display pc and mac compatible can use with laptops apple tv roku streaming players and dvd blu... ray players vga cable required not included windows 7 and 8 compatible vga cable sold separately limited lifetime... read more


<p>Do you want to make full use of your older model TV? Do you want to share your content on your computer to a bigger screen? Do want to equip yourself with the other workstation? This VGA to HDMI converter can help connecta PC or laptop with VGA port to a projector, monitor or HDTV with a HDMI port.</p> <p><b>Perfect for Home Theater</b><br> Support highest resolution up to 1080P for full HD movie sharing. Video output supports up to HDMI 1.4 and under 1.4 versions. Just connect yourcomputer of VGA port to a HDMI compatible HDTV, monitor or projector for home theater entertainment.</p> <p><b>Super Clear Sound </b><br> Including a 3.5mm audio cable and micro USB cable, you can connect it to the audio output on the computer for crystal clear sound. The micro USB cable help power the device, no worrying about power shortage. </p> <p><b>High Quality & & Stable Performance</b><br> Made of high quality ABS material, this converter is abrasion resistant. Adopt multi-strand copper wire for stable data transfer. </p> <p><b>There are so many options, why Choose Us</b><br> All Our Products are Produced under Strict Quality Inspection<br> 12-Month Worry-Free Warranty and Free Life-time Technical Support<br> Professional After-Sales Team to Make Things Right within 24hrs. </p> <p><b>Specification: </b><br> Input: VGA+ Audio+ Micro USB<br> Output: HDMI<br> Video Resolution: 720P, 1080i, 1080P; <br> Audio Output: 3.5mm audio interface/R+L<br> Voltage: 5V/1A<br> Working Current: 300MA<br> Transmission Rate: 165Gbps<br> Working Environment: 0?-70?<br> Relative Humidity: 5% - -95%</p> <p><b>NOTE: </b><br> 1. An HDMI cable is required (soldseparately). <br> 2. This is not a bi-directional cable, only converting analog VGA signal to HDMI digital signal. <br> 3. Only can you connect the audio cable to your computer for clear audio. </p> <p><b>Package Included: </b><br> 1* VGA to HDMI Converter<br> 1* Audio Cable<br> 1* Micro USB Cable</p> read more

Cable Matters
44.99 80.99-44.99

<b>Connect More with Cable Matters USB-C Products</b><br> <br> <br> <b>One Port Wonder</b><br> The Cable Matters USB-C HDMI / VGA ...Multiport Adapter with Ethernet for Windows or Mac is an essential companion for a computer or tablet with USB-C. Connect to a Gigabit network, install a USB peripheral device, and connect a single display with VGA or HDMI input.<br> <br> <b>USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 Merger</b><br> Thunderbolt 3 equipped Windows and Mac computers use a USB-C port to connect Thunderbolt 3 compatible equipment. Whether your device has a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port, you can use this adapter. Just check that your device supports DisplayPort Alternate mode to view video over USB.<br> <br> <b>Important Notes</b><br> - UPDATE THUNDERBOLT 3 DRIVERS to ensure that all the ports function properly<br> - MAC OS DRIVERS FOR ETHERNET can be downloaded from the Cable Matters website<br> - SINGLE VIDEO DISPLAY to connect HDMI or VGA<br> - NO POWER DELIVERY over USB-C for charging while in use<br> - DISPLAYPORT ALTERNATE MODE support is required to connect an HDMI or VGA display<br> - 4K VIDEO RESOLUTION requires a 4K capable video source, HDMI cable, and output display<br> <br> <b>NOT Compatible List (Partial List)</b><br> - ASUS ZenPad<br> - HP Computers with a USB-C port<br> - Nexus 5X / 6P<br> - OnePlus 2<br> <br> <b>Port Specifications</b><br> - Input Host: USB 3.1 Type-C /Thunderbolt 3 Male<br> - Network: RJ45 Female<br> - USB-A: USB 3.0 Female<br> - HDMI: 19 pin Female<br> - VGA: 15 pin Female<br> <br> <b>Package Contents</b><br> - 1 x Multiport Adapter <br> - 1 x User Manual<br> <br> <b>Warranty</b><br> Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support read more

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Comprehensive Cable
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Cables Unlimited
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This Wireless USB to HDMI and VGA Adapter with AUDIO enables users to display their notebook/PC content, such as pictures, movies,... presentations, office documents, and web content on a larger remote display, share it with others or enjoy a larger size display without any cable limitations. This Wireless USB to HDMI and VGA Adapter with AUDIO provides full room coverage, making it ideal for a variety of use cases, such as wirelessly displaying internet content (provided over wireless LAN connection for example) on a large-screen TV (over the Wireless USB link). In a conference room scenario, the adapter set enables users to display content from their laptops using a projector, commonly mounted on the room's ceiling, without cable length limitations. Users can select between an HDMI interface supporting video and audio, or a VGA video interface, accompanied by a 3.5mm audio jack for sound. read more

Comprehensive Cable
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at;creative=394997&amp;creativeASIN=B...00PDCURMG&amp;linkCode=df0 read more

Actiontec Electronics
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Wirelessly stream content from a mobile device to an HDTV or projector! ScreenBeam Pro Education Edition revolutionizes the classr...oom by supplementing traditional lectures with multimedia enriched lessons like videos, educational programming, and even specialized online course subjects. Even better, since you don't have to face a chalk/whiteboard, true teacher/student interaction is finally possible. Compatible with Intel WiDi Gen 4 (and higher) laptops and tablets and Wi-Fi Miracast 8.1+ and Android 4.2+ devices. Supports HD wireless display up to 1080p60 HD resolution. Includes HDMI-to-VGA adapter for legacy projectors. Also provides local management control for IT, including security PIN enforcement, HDMI output power management and firmware upgrades. read more

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HDMI Male to VGA Female Adapter - White Color - Converts HDMI computer to VGA monitor, projector, or TV

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