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Automatic self output power adjustment to keep balance at 17W full load rating. Smart Charge Technology - Charges quickly and effi...ciently Supports fast charging for devices such as the iPad, up to a maximum of 3.4 Ampere/17 Watt combined. Schuko European Type E/F Output. read more

GROM Audio
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*Suitable for the following vehicles: Lexus ES 300/330/350 2004-2004; Lexus GX 470 2003-2004; Lexus LS 430 2001-2003 (non-Nakamich...i stereo only). The Package Consist of:GROM BT3 digital Interface; Omnidirectional microphone with swivel mount;Vehicle specific harness;Installation Manual. The adapter comes with 30 days money back guarantee and one year repair/replacement warranty. read more

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<p><b>Don't take that tape deck out of your classic car; get our cassette adaptor for your tape deck and listen to all your new fa...vorite bands digitally. </b></p> <p>Just like your classic car, your tape deck is a piece of history. But just because you don't own any tapes doesn't mean you have to take out the tape deck and put it some fancy new MP3 player that doesn't fit the car's design. That's why we created the <b> Reshow Travel Cassette Adapter</b>. Designed to work with your tape deck and you iPod, iPad, and mobile device, we make it easier than ever to listen to your favorite tunes with the 3.5mm headphone jack compatibility. </p> <p><b>Details: </b></p> <ul> <li>With this cassette adapter, you don't need to take too many tapes in your car. </li> <li>Size is same as the real tape. </li> <li>No longer to change tapes, just click the next track to listen music. </li> <li>It doesn't has the memory function. It can't be inserted Micro SD Card or thumb drive. </li> <li>Balance the volume of device and car's speaker for better sound quality.</li> </ul>  <p><b>Product Details:</b></p> <ul> <li>Enhanced Digital Sound Quality </li> <li>Quickly Transfers Sound Between the Adapter and the Vehicle </li> <li>Fits Any Standard-Sized Tape Deck </li> <li>3.5mm Cord Length: XX' </li> <li>Compatible with Smartphones, Laptops, iPhones, iPads, iPods and More </li> <li>Black and Red Colorization </li> <li>Retro Design </li> </ul> <p><b>Experience your favorite bands, sounds and music like never before thanks to the NETWIND Travel Cassette Adapter. Get yours today by clicking 'Add to Cart' above. </b></p> read more

Super Power Supply

<p>*All Super Power Supply® Products are CE/FCC/RoHS certified.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">*Our products include a 30 Day Money Back... Guarantee and 1 Year Exchange. Super Power Supply® pays for shipping / Email us if you have an issue!</p> <p class="MsoNormal">*All Products trademarked Super Power Supply® are sold exclusively by Super Power Supply®.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">*We ship your order the same or next business day (Amazon order processing time varies)!</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Super Power Supply® adapters are tested and designed to meet the power needs of your device. This adapter converts Cigarette Lighter power into the DC power required by your device. This supply allows you to operate your device or charge its battery from electrical power outlets. Super Power Supply® Adapters are a portable power source for when you are on the go. This adapter has been validated and tested to ensure it will work with your device.</p> <p>Includes A USB Port for charging USB Devices such as phones.</p> For Models: Asus N55sf N55sm N60 N63jn N63jq N70 N71vg N76vj N80 N81 N82jv N90 P31jg P42jc P45vj P52jc P82jr Pro35jg Pro35sg U41sd U44sd U46sm U53f U82 X35sg X35jg X42jy X42jz X43sa X44hr X71 X75vc X75vd read more

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1X Multi Function Cradle compatible with Apple ; iPod shuffle ; 2nd Gen, White This docking station is a convenient & elegant home... base cradle that will make syncing & charging easier than ever. This 2 in 1 cradle lets you transfer music and charge your 2nd generation shuffle Simultaneously. Compact & solid design Dimensions 2.125 w x 1.37 l x 0.75 h inch Length: 39"/3.25 feet Color: White Accessory ONLY. MP3 not included. Apple ; does not endorse use of these products. read more

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at;creative=394997&amp;creativeASIN=B00B2PQ...GZA&amp;linkCode=df0 read more

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<p><b>LDesign</b></p> Dedicated to making a better life through innovative, reliable electronics and accessories. <br></p> This pr...oduct is a special Bluetooth car charger with MP3 player, adopts professional high-performance Bluetooth module, built-in MP2/WMA decoder chip that can transmit music files of the USB disk to car stereo via wireless, and can switch an incoming callo the hands-free state as long as your mobile phone is provides with the Bluetooth function. When the call is finished, it will be switched to the music play automatically. <br> <p><b>Feature: </b></p> 1.FM transmitter <br> 2.LED display window <br> 3.LINE audio input <br> 4.Independent Bluetooth start /shutdown button <br> 5.Support playing music by USB disk <br> 6.Support MP3/WMA music format <br> 7.Answer /hang up/reject/redial via Bluetooth <br> 8.Bluetooth stereo music play <br> 9.Call Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction(CVC) <br> 10.Dual USB output voltage, provides power to other devices up to 5V/2.5A <br> 11.Automatic memory function of power failure frequency point <br> 12.Display of on-board battery voltage <br> <p><b>Parameters: </b></p> Rated working voltage:12V-24V <br> USB output:5V/2.5A <br> Play format:Mp3 WPA <br> SNR:>60dB <br> Frequency response:20Hz-15 KHz <br> Bluetooth version:2.1+EDR <br> Bluetooth sound processing:A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile)function support <br> Bluetooth transmission distance:10M <br> Effective distance of Bluetooth microphone:0.5-2M <br> FM frequency:87.5-108 MHz <br> FM mode: Stereo digital PLL frequency locking <br> <p><b>Packing list: </b></p> 1 x LDesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter <br> 1 x AUX cable<br> 1 x English user manual<br> read more


<p><b>Pwr+ Platinum Guarantee</b></p> <p> * Pwr+ products are CE/FCC/RoHS certified.<br> * Warranty: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee... / 24 Months - Free Exchange (Pwr+ pays for shipping) / Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help! (Phone service is available)<br> * Products trademarked Pwr+® are marketed and sold exclusively by Pwr+. We focus on providing quality power products and excellent customer service ... and we also ship your order the same or next day (Amazon order processing time varies) !<br> <br> Pwr+® Car Charger specially designed and tested to meet the power needs of your device. The adapter supplies power required by the device. It lets you operate your system or charge your device's battery from 12V electrical power outlets. Pwr+® adapter proves to be an optimized portable power source wherever you are on the road. This product has been tested and validated to ensure it will work with your device.</p> read more

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The iFrogz Golite Traveler is a 9000mAh lithium ion battery with dual 2.1A charging ports that charge most smartphones up to six t...imes. With its thin, sleek design, the Golite Traveler easily slips into a bag or purse for convenient power on the go. A brilliant LED flashlight is perfect for low light situations while the smart on/off switch helps preserve battery life so you always have the most energy available for your devices. Available in multiple bright colors, the Golite Traveler brings power to every party. read more

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<p><b>iClever® </b> - Ever Clever</p> <p><b>ICLEVER - Top 3 Amazon Best Sellers for Bluetooth & FM Transmitter and Cell-phone Car ...Kits. </b></p> <p><b>CNET Approved - "Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accessories for the car"</b></p> <p><b>Recommended by HEAVY - "One of Best New Accessories for Android Smartphones"</b></p> <p>Utilizing state of the art FM transmission technology, this unit allows you to make hands-free phone calls and listen to music over your car stereo system. It features an easy installation and an auto-scan function to help you find an empty station to connect to your device. It is also universally compatible with any 3.5mm jack device which includes smartphones, tablets, PCs, MP3 and MP4 players. As an added bonus it comes with an extra USB port to charge your device simultaneously.</p> <p><b>Specifications:</b><br> - Frequency range: 88.1-107.9Mhz(0.1Mhz/step) <br> - Input: DC 12V(Vehicle power)<br> - USB output: 5V 1A max <br> - Effective distance: about 16ft</p> <p><b>FAQ:</b><br> 1) Does this work without an audio jack in your car?<br> - Yes, it does work. It does not need an audio jack in the car, but your car must have the capability of picking up FM radio signals.</p> <p><b>2) How does the FM transmitter work?</b><br> Follow these four steps:<br> (1) Plug the FM transmitter into the cigarette lighter socket to power on the transmitter.<br> (2) Hold down both the down/up button simultaneously to be automatically directed to an empty station. <br> (3) Plug the audio jack into an audio player (e.g. a smart phone, MP3 player).<br> (4) Tune the radio station to a non-broadcasting frequency and then set the FM transmitter to the same frequency.</p> <p><b>Package Including:</b><br> - 1x iClever Autoscan FM Transmitter<br> - 1x User Manual<br> - 1 Year Warranty</p> read more

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at;creative=394997&amp;creativeASIN=B...005QBCN4E&amp;linkCode=df0 read more

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Best emergency tool for camping, exploration, hunting, self defense and other outdoor activities.<br> - Super Power Flashlight: Th...e Lighting range 300 m,500lm, illumination time is 2-10 hours.<br> - Skidproof & Waterproof: Excellent water resistant and skidproof handle, suitable for outdoor environment, adverse weather conditions except for underwater diving.<br> - Detachable Survival Knife: Made of premium stainless steel, ultra sharp blade with serrated,and lamps and knives can be separated used alone,when you get into trouble,you can use lamps with left hand,and use kife with right hand.<br> <b>Working modes:<b/><br> Three modes : High light,Middle light,Flashing<br> High light:700mA-1200mA<br> Middle light:350mA-500mA<br> Flashing:10HZ<br> <b>Instruction:<b/><br> 1.Twist the tall cap off,slide the battery positive upward into the flashlight and twist on the tall cap to secure the battery 2.Turn on/off the flashlight.Press the switch button until you hear the click,the flashlight turns on Press again,the flashlight turns off<br> 3.Keep the interior clean.Do not wipe it with your hands or something hard,To clean the fingerprints of tens<br> 4.Do not aim or point the torch toward people's eyes,esecially children's t avoid damage eyes.<br> 5.Do tot expose the torch to sunshine,water,chemical or corrosive gas for long time to avoid damaging the protective film.<br> <b>Specifications<br><br> Package dimensions: 7.67 x 1.96 x 1.8inches<br> Color: Black<br> Weight: 16.2 ounces<br> Material: Aluminum alloy<br> <b>Package included:<b/><br> 1 x LED Flashlight knife<br> 1 x 18650 Battery<br> 1 x AC Charging Adapter<br> 1 x Car Charging Adapter<br> read more


<b>Features</b><br><br>1. Provides hands-free calling through car speakers, set free your hands during driving.<br>2. USB Charging... Port, 5V/2.1A car charger can charges your favorite mobile devices fast, and it can automatically adjust the outputpower to different smart phone.<br>3. Large 1.44 inch LED Display Screen, enable to show you the current voltage of the storage battery of your car, the name of songs or caller ID.<br>4. Auto-Connect, pair once only, auto-connect next time if your phone??s Bluetooth is turned on first.<br>5. Gooseneck Design, the flexible metal hose is designed to be goose neck shape, which allows you to adjust its direction conveniently.<br><br><b>Specifications</b><br><br>Bluetooth Version: V3.0 + EDR;<br>Effective Bluetooth Range: 10 meters;<br>FM Frequency: 87.5MHz - 108.0MHZ;<br>Working Voltage: 10V~24V;<br>Audio Input /Output: 3.5mm audio interface;<br>USB Charging Port: 5V/2.1A.<br><br><b>NOTE</b><br><br>1.This FM transmitter is compatible with most cars, but not all. Please ensure your car space is big enough to accommodate this car kit;<br>2.To prolong the lifespan of this product, please do not violently rotate the head of this product when you use it (the rotation angle shall not exceed 90 degree) ;<br>3.For the best sound quality, please tune it to an unused frequency; if there is interference when listening to music, please tune to another unused frequency;<br>4.The max output current of the transmitter varies with charged devices, because charged devices can limit output current automatically. The input current also varies with charged devices, lower the power, larger the input;<br> 5.If you want to change the way to play music, please pause the music first and then try another mode to play.<br><br><b>Package Included: </b><br><br>1x Bluetooth FM transmitter;<br>1x User Manual;<br>1x Audio Cable(3ft);<br><br><b>Warranty</b><br><br>Every Mpow Product includes a 45 Day refund, 18-month worry-free Guarantee! read more


<b>Product Description:</b><br><br> <b>The Best Bluetooth Music Adapter Car Kit At The Most Affordable Price</b><br><br> Aren't yo...u tired of gadgets with weak performance that malfunction within a few days? You don't need to pay a fortune for a quality gadget for your car. GT Road offers you a high quality performance music adapter for your car at a reasonable price. Enjoy wireless music and hands-free calls while driving with one smart gadget. The GT Road device uses the latest V4.1+EDR version, it can transmit FM frequencies from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz and its wireless transmitting distance goes up to 10 meters for Bluetooth and FM alike!<br><br> <b>Crystal Clear Calls</b><br> Not only you can easily answer, hang-up and reject calls with a single button and talk hands-free while driving, you will also enjoy high quality voice in your call. The GT Road gadget employs echo cancellation and noise reduction (CVC) technology that will let you hear the desired voice on your call and nothing else!<br><br> <b>Turn Your Normal Speakers To Bluetooth</b><br> Use our music adapter to turn a regular speaker to a Bluetooth one. Simply connect the audio line of your speaker to our adapter and power it via its DC 5V port. You can now play music wirelessly from any Bluetooth source to your regular speaker!<br><br> <b>Versatile Connectivity</b><br> Not only you can wirelessly connect our music adapter to any Bluetooth enabled device, including laptops and any iOS and Android smartphones, you can also use its AUX port to connect it with mp3 players and other sources of music. Enjoy any music in MP3 and WMA formats from devices that aren't Bluetooth enabled as well!<br><br> <b>Charge Any USB Device In Your Car</b><br> Now you can turn your car's lighter socket into a USB charging port with our device. read more

at Boscov's

this conairr travel smart polarized adapter plug set allows you to plug in two appliances at once. four polarized plugs adapt to m...ost outlets worldwide. the plug blade swivels for use in australia and new zealand and the insulated pins are for added... read more

Mobile Power

Spice Mobile Stellar 600 Portable AA Battery Emergency Travel Charger and Re-Charger with LED Light! (Takes 4 AA Batteries) [WHITE...] <p></p><p>This Factory Direct product is from the actual manufacturer, sometimes it's sourced one stage before logo application. Authentic and original is how we deliver you a 100% quality item, at a FRACTION of the cost!</p> read more

Mobile Power

Spice Mobile Stellar 600 Portable AA Battery Emergency Travel Charger and Re-Charger with LED Light! (Takes 2 AA Batteries) [BLACK...] <p></p><p>This Factory Direct product is from the actual manufacturer, sometimes it's sourced one stage before logo application. Authentic and original is how we deliver you a 100% quality item, at a FRACTION of the cost!</p> read more


the attache 3 usb flash drives from pny technologies are simple and reliable storage solutions for life on the go. store transport... and share photos videos music documents and more from pc to pc. these usb drives work with virtually any computer or... read more


sandisk cz60 cruzer glide 32gb usb flash drive reliable portable storage easily transfer and carry your content from your computer... retractable design keeps the connector safe password protection and 128 bit aes encryption software color blue read more


sandisk cz60 cruzer glide 32gb usb flash drive reliable portable storage easily transfer and carry your content from your computer... retractable design keeps the connector safe password protection and 128 bit aes encryption software color blue read more

¤21.95 ¤29.99-¤21.95
at Beach Camera

transfer a full length movie in less than 40 seconds the sandisk ultra usb 3.0 flash drive combines faster data speeds and generou...s capacity in a compact stylish package. spend less time waiting and transfer files to the drive up to ten times faster... read more

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when all you need is a boost the anker astro minis got you covered. it holds enough juice to get you back up and running without w...eighing you down. add more than a full charge thats up to nine hours of talk time to an apple iphone or more than... read more


epik learning case for 7 8 tablets for 7 8 epik learning tabs padded device compartment tablet case bag with velcro closure handle...s and shoulder strap colors blue pink read more


protect your phone with this snug fit case that features a full degree of protection and precise cutouts for easy access to ports ...and responsive button presses. read more


use with any 4.5 mm or 7.4 mm smart ac adapter from an hp notebook each sold separately and stop carrying around a bag of ac adapt...ers. simply connect one end of the adapter to your tablet and connect the other end to your 4.5 mm or 7.4 mm hp smart... read more


obliq premium slim meta series designed for the samsung galaxy s7 edge smart phone all around drop shock resista...nt tpu corners will absorb shock during drops and scratches.precision precisely measured cut outs for easy access... read more

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the 20 tft lcd led backlit monitor is a perfect addition to your desktop pc setup. see what youre doing crisply and clearly on thi...s monitor. read more

Verizon Wireless
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verizon braided lightning charge and sync cable for apple iphone 6 ipad air ipad pro iphone blue whiteyou charge your apple device... in the morning you charge it again at night sometimes you charge in the middle of the day. why not breathe some... read more

Emilio Pucci

guaranteed authentic emilio pucci lavender blue and black textured leather emilio pucci ipad case with abstract mosaic print throu...ghout pink leather trim black mesh knit lining and zip closure. item emi33971 read more


give your desk and typing some personality. with this keyboard not only will your desk say this team is the best but every will feel a little more victorious. designed and printed in portland or all keyscaper gear is officially... read more


largest print on keycaps available in a full size keyboard easy to see even in low light recommended for the visually impaired int...ernet multimedia and energy saver hot keys plug n play for windows nt 2000 xp vista win 7 32 and 64 bit systems... read more

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lg 34uc87m b led monitor curved 34 3440 x 1440 qhd ips 300 cd m2 10001 5 ms 2xthunderbolt 2xhdmi displayport speakers black

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the lg 24 ips multi tasking monitor features lgs almost zero flicker free technology allowing you to work longer and more comforta...bly without straining your eyes. you can efficiently run several programs and have multiple active windows on the... read more


kraken a.m.s. series cases are the absolute strongest most durable cases trident makes. the kraken a.m.s. case for tablets consist...s of shock absorbing silicone inner layer covered by a hardened polycarbonate outer casing with a built in screen... read more


enjoy easy accurate content creation and quick data entry on a stable full sized backlit keyboard and touchpad with thin and light... scissor keys that have 1.5 mm travel for an efficient professional user experience. resist wear and tear with a sturdy... read more


with the powercurve mobile surge protector you can charge all your gadgets from one outlet. great for traveling the plug in powerc...urve mobile surge protector has 2 rotating outlet jacks that swivel to accommodate big clunky plugs plus 2 front facing... read more

Cyber Power Systems
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the cyberpower essential series b600wsrc2 surge protector is ideal for home office protection with 900 joules of protection six sw...ivel style outlets and wall tap plug. the b600wsrc2 is perfect for environments were power protection is needed for... read more

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otterbox defender case for samsung galaxy s6 3 layer protection equipped with 3 rugged layers of protection built in screen protec...tor polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber slipcover included holster keeps your phone handy and provides a mini... read more