Compass Portable Travel Folding Tablet Stand Desktop Fold-up Holder for AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 SGH-I987 - Sprint iPad Air - Sprint IPad Mini - Sprint iPad Mini 2


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Folding, mobile easel, Holds tablet in portrait and landscape modes, Secondary leg positions tablet perfectly for typing. This 360 degree Rotating Compass tablet Stand is a sleek and innovative Tablet accessory that thrives thanks to its sheer versatility and one of a kind styling that is befitting of the Apple design philosophy. Crafted from powder coated steel, the sleek silver Compass mixes form with functionality while delivering the durability needed to last. This is the Most successful and Popular Tab stand so far,it will fit all the Tablet When opened, the Compass forms into an easel that not only allows the user to interact with the iPad in both portrait and landscape positions, but also accommodates the iPad when stored in the Apple case. The open design also allows access for charging and computer connections. One of the biggest features of this stand is its portability and storage ease. The Compass folds up neatly for storage and comes with it's own sleek carrying pouch. When folded flat, the iPad stand measures at only 7 inches long and 1 inch wide, making it small enough to fit in your pocket and tremendously easy to take with you anywhere.Think of Compass as a portable easel to display your photography, a mobile movie theater or an instant workstation that's angled at a wrist-happy position for onscreen typing. Made from heavy, powder-coated steel, Compass is solid and super sturdy. It has soft silicone pads on the feet to protect any surface you set it on. In addition to the easel position, the Compass contains a fold-away secondary leg that allows the Compass to be set at a 15 degree display angle. This angle is perfect for typing on the iPad's onscreen keyboard. The Compass also comes with non slip silicone grips that prevent sliding. Compatible with: Apple iPad 1st Gen. Apple iPad 2nd Gen. Apple iPad 2nd Gen. Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. Samsung Galaxy Tab P7510. Samsung Galaxy Tab P7100. Motorola Xoom Tab. HTC Flyer Tab. Bla