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The Hoodman Mirrorless Camera Custom Finder Base Plate for HoodLoupe is available for customers who already own a 3" or 3.2" HoodL...oupe and desire an elegant way to mount their HoodLoupe for Mirrorless Camera Live View / Video. The base plate features a camera mounting screw and dual 1/4"-20 tripod sockets and an upright column that attaches to the optional HoodLoupe with on-board hex tool enables horizontal and vertical adjustments. The quick-release bar attached to the upright column, allowing attaching or removing the loupe from the assembly. An H3.0 adapter is included to allow mounting the plate to an older HoodLoupe that doesn't have the 1/4"-20 connection. The HCP2 base plate features anti-twist bars, a hand strap slot, and a camera sling strap attachment point. It is constructed in the USA from milled black anodized aluminum.Features: One size fits both 3" and 3.2" HoodLoupesAdjustable mounting system accommodates all Mirrorless Camera BodiesAnti-twist bars secure base plateOne 1/4 20 tripod mount hole in a base plateBlack anodized aluminum read more


This is the Ikelite SLR Zoom Set for Mirrorless Camera [5509.29] Zoom in on your underwater subjects with the Ikelite SLR Zoom Set... for Mirrorless Camera. Mount the zoom sleeve and clamp set on your lens's zoom ring so that the teeth at the edge of the sleeve mesh with the housing's zoom gear to enable smooth operation underwater. The 5516.15 MIL dome port is compatible with all 6900-series underwater Compact MIL Housings for mirrorless digital cameras. Features: Mounts onto Zoom Ring of Lens Enables Zoom Control with Lens in Port Specification: Contents: ...Contact us if you need more help. read more


<b>Feature</b><br><br> imple fashion body, light and portable<br> uses 8 inch high resolution (1024x768) TFT LCD screen, the image... is clear and exquisite, colourful<br> support for BNC input for professional security monitoring equipment is connected, so that signal mutual interference reduction, can achieve the best signal effect<br> support chromatic Ypbpr input,color more vivid, the image more realistic<br> video mode input switching, Support multi-channel video reception, high sensitivity, strong interference resistance<br> support for VGA input, can be used for computer liquid crystal display (640*480/60Hz, 800*600/60Hz, 1024*768/60Hz)<br> Support high-definition HDMI input <br> built-in high-quality loudspeakers<br> support image flip up and down control, adapt to different installation mode<br> with timing switch machine and automatic signal standby function<br> Support USB interface to charge (5 volt 1 amp)<br><br><br> <b>Specfication</b><br><br> Panel size: 8 inch digital display<br> Video input: 3Vp-p CVBS <br> Aspect ratio: 4:3 <br> Resolution: 1024 x 768 <br> Effective viewing area: 162 x 121 mm<br> Viewing angle: 120°(H)/100°(V) <br> Panel lifetime: 10,000 hours <br> Brightness: 250cd/m2 <br> Contrast ration: 300:1 <br> Response time: 12ms <br> Power input: DC12V-1000mA <br> Power mode support: Power adapter <br> Adjustable stand: Landscape <br> Speaker: 1W(max)*1 <br> OSD Menu Language options: ENGLISH RUSSIAN PORTUGAL SPAIN DETCH FRANCE ITALY CHINESE<br> Temperature range (operation): 0-40 centigrade degree <br><br><br> <b>Package Included</b><br><br> 1x8"Monitor<br> 1xPower adapter<br> 1xStand<br> 1xUser's manual <br> read more

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O-rings are the most important components of your underwater camera system. If the O-ring is lubricated, it will be elastic enough... to shape itself uniformly around the channel. If it is dry, there will be too much friction to allow it to reshape itself uniformly. It will not safeguard against flooding.Every time you open the camera to change film, examine the O-ring and service if necessary.Always clean and lubricate after every diving day.When in doubt about the sealing capability of an O-ring, always discard and replace.Never use a sharp or pointed object to remove an O-ring! Use the O-ring remover tool.Don't overgrease! Too much grease attracts debris that will disrupt the seal and cause flooding. Silicone grease is not a sealant; it only protects the O-ring from abrasion. A perfectly greased O-ring looks moist and shiny read more

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Use for photography with infrared films. Infrared film is also sensitive to ultraviolet rays and the shorter wavelengths of the vi...sible spectrum so it is necessary to filter out all but the infrared rays. IR720 passes only infrared rays above 720nm. Infrared filter often used in crime detection, medical photography, detection of distribution of vegetation, etc. For photographer, this filter can be used with infrared film or digital photography to get interesting artistic and sometimes creative photos. Package Contents 1 x 58mm 720nm Infrared filter read more

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<b>The Vivitar MIC-204 Mini Zoom Video Camcorder/Camera Shotgun Microphone</b> will let you record crystal-clear sound. <br><br> mic is great for use with most camcorders that utilize a 3.5mm jack, and it conveniently connects to any camera with the included mounting bracket. <br><br>The wind screen helps eliminate wind noise and insulate the microphone from operational sounds from the camcorder. read more

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ALZO Digital
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The Cube from The Pod is designed to provide support for a DSLR camera that's attached to a battery grip when you're mounting the ...assembly on one of the company's bean-bag camera supports. The Cube is a foam cube that measures 2" in every dimension. Covered with ripstop nylon, the same reinforced material used for hot-air balloons, the Cube features a hook-and-loop surface for convenient, secure attachment to the corresponding surface of The Green Pod, The Silver Pod, or The Black Pod. Weighing very little, The Cube is strong enough to support heavy lenses. read more

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