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Cable Matters 10Gb 40Gb Multimode Duplex 50/125 OFNP Fiber Cable (OM3 Fiber Optic Cable/LC to LC Fiber Patch Cable) 40m - Available 1m - 50m


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10 Gigabit Performance for Critical Connections These fiber cords are OM3 rated for the extreme demands of SAN networks. The OFNP (plenum) rating conforms to strict NEC building safety codes but is compatible with unrated or OFNR (riser) rated applications. They are precision factory tested for insertion and return loss to ensure transmission performance per TIA-568-C.3 specifications. The combination of LC connectors in a protective yoke, strain relief boots and zirconia ceramic ferrules provides a dependable, low-loss performance. Bend Insensitive Engineering Bend insensitive multimode fiber (BIMMF) provides greater flexibility in tight spaces or long cable runs with multiple bends. BIMMF fiber cable is engineered with an extra layer of glass around the core to ensure optical performance and provide durability for the extreme requirements of SAN network or high density patch panel installations. It offers interoperability and backwards compatibility with OM3 and OM4 50 micron fiber systems. Protect your network against macro-bend losses that are difficult to isolate, troubleshoot, and repair. Plug & Play Installation with a Lifetime Warranty The Cable Matters Multimode Duplex 50/125 micron fiber patch cords offer a time saving alternative to terminating and testing cables on site. Includes a lifetime warranty and product support. Cable Specifications - Connectors: LC to LC - Core: 50 Micron - Cladding: 125 Micron - Jacket: PVC OFNP (plenum) - OD: 2.0mm legs (2.0 x 4.0mm) - Design: Duplex zipcord with aramid yarn strength member - Classification: OM3 LOMMF - Wavelengths: 850 and 1300nm - Type: Bend-Insensitive Multimode (BIMMF) - Ferrule Material: Ceramic - Polish: PC - Compliance: TIA 568-C.3 / 604-10 / 492AAAC, UL 910, C E, RoHS Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

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