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C2G/Cables to Go 40434 Velocity 90 Degree Rotating HDMI Mini Female to HDMI Mini Male Port Saver Adapter


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Supports 1080p, Deep Color, TrueHD, and DTS. Some newer portable electronic devices including camcorders and digital cameras are equipped with an HDMI mini connector to carry high resolution content. Our compact Velocity adapter easily adapts a standard male HDMI Cable to an HDMI mini connector while protecting your expensive equipment or cradle. The port saver alleviates stress on the connector by adapting the cable to virtually any angle. The port saver also absorbs the abuse of repeated plugging and unplugging to reduce wear and tear on your camera's HDMI mini connector. Extend the life of your valuable equipment with our HDMI mini port saver adapter. Gold-plated connectors. Packaged for resale.

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