X-1 Audio

Brand-X XXL319003D 1900-Watt 3 (3/2/1)-Channel Hybrid Mosfet/Digital Amplifier


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200 Watts X 2 Channel + 800 Watts X 1 Channel @ 4 Ohm; 250 Watts X 2 Channel + 1060 Watts X 1 Channel @ 2 Ohm; 1400 Watts X 1 Channel Mono @ 1 Ohm; 1900 Watts MAX Power 250 Watts X 2 Channel + 1400 Watts X 1 Channel; Hi Pass Crossover: 40Hz-4KHz @ 12db (Ch1/2); Low Pass Crossover: 40Hz-400Hz @ 12db (Ch1/2); Low Pass Crossover: 40Hz-400Hz @ 24db (Mono); Subsonic Filter 10Hz-50Hz @ 24db (Mono); Variable Bass Boost @ 45Hz: 18dB; Discrete Class AB MOSFET Mobile Audio Amplifier; Top Mounted Fully Adjustable Linkwitz Riley Crossover Network; Full Range Pass Thru Line Outputs; 0/4 Gauge Billet Style Machined High Current Power and Speaker Terminal Block; High Quality Surface Mount, RCA Inputs and RCA Outputs; Wired Bass Remote Control; Heavy Duty Power Aluminum Heat sink; Power and Protection LED Indicators; Soft Turn-on/Turn-off; Fuses: 3 x 80 Amp Maxi; Dimensions: 11.57''W x 2.71''H x 20.55''L

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