Bowers & Wilkins

B+W 77mm 0.6-4X Multi-Resistant Coating Nano Camera Lens Filter, Gray (66-1089163)


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The latest addition to the B+W XS-Pro filter line up, this Neutral Density filter utilizes the latest in thin film technology, resulting in an improved ND effect for even truer neutrality. The ND.6 version reduces the light by two f-stops (log Density 0.6), and it is the most popular ND filter in photographic work. It offers many benefits, for instance f/4 instead of f/8 for selective sharpness instead of a great depth of field, or 1/15 s instead of 1/60 s for a flowing instead of a “frozen” waterfall. Recommended as part of a basic outfit. The filter factor is 4x

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