AUTO-VOX Hardwire Kit Mini Fuse Adapter Kit with USB Plug for AUKEY Dash Cam YI Dashboard Camera Rova Dash Cams A1 C1 C1 Pro C2 VCR Recorder Cameras


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NEAT WIRE-ROUTING: Permanent hidden power cable avoids running a wire from the camera to the cigarette lighter socket. GUARANTEEING DASH CAM' S PARKING MODE: the USB port enables dash cams get 24 hours' uninterrupted power supply via this hard wire kit. LOW VOLTAGE PROTECTIO:When the voltage of the kit reaches to 11.6V, it will stop getting extra power to avoid car battery' s draining out. HIGH COMPATIBILITY FOR ITS USB PORT:The USB charging port of this kit is not only available for YI Dashboard Cameras, Rova Dash Cameras C1, C2, VCR Recorder Cameras but also for your smart phones, GPS, XM Sirius Satellite Radio and many other mobile devices. INPUT: 12-11.6V | OUTPUT: DC5V 1.5A: This kit will Protect Against Battery Dying with the help of reasonable power range. Please check your car fuse box before purchasing. What kind of fuses adapter fit your vehicle? We provide 3 types: ATO Regular, low profile Mini or Mini. This kit is Mini.

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