AUTO-VOX Dash Cam Hardwire Kit ATO Fuse Regular (Medium) Fuse Adapter Kit - 12V to 5V for Dash Cam M6 D2 D2 Pro G1W M3 & All Mini USB Dashboard Camera Car DVR Power Supply - 12.47ft


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For 24-hour Surveillance And Hardwiring Can't Be Beat. The Hardwire Kit with Mini USB is a must-have accessory if using a dash camera in car or truck. It connects the camera directly to the fuse box under the dashboard for continuous power from the vehicle's battery. Your dash cam will always be powered, provided a watchful eye over your vehicle when you've left it with the engine off. Frees Up Cigarette Lighter for Other Uses Your dash cam will no longer monopolize the cigarette lighter for power. That frees up the lighter, as 12-volt power socket, for charging all your mobile gear, especially your phone, tablet, GPS device or music player. Alternatively, if you happen to be a smoker, you won't have to dislodge a plug from the socket or search for a lighter or matches just to light up. Low Voltage Protection: Over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit Dash cam will turn off after reaching 11.4V to avoid car battery's draining out. Specifications: Input voltage: DC 12V-24V Output voltage: 5V Output Current: 1.5A Conversion efficiency: Max 95% Hardwire Cable Length: 12.47ft Easy to Use Simply pop in automotive fuse tap replacing the existing fuse, and to prevent additional load on your original fuse, by using a volt meter to check which part is the power supple for the original fuse holder. Note: Please check your car fuse box before purchasing. What kind of fuses adapter fit your vehicle? We provide 3 types: ATO Regular, Mini or Micro. Cleaner- Installation- There's no cable hanging in front the driver's view. Unlike a dash camera with a power cable dangling around the front interior of your vehicle until it reaches the cigarette lighter, a hard-wired dash cam connects directly to the fuse box. People are less likely to snag an arm or leg on a loose cable while getting in and out of the vehicle.

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