Audiowood 'Barky' Turntable with $600 Tonearm and $300 MM Phono Cartridge- 230v


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Barky is a precision turntable that features a high-quality Rega parts kit, glass platter, RB303 arm and Rega Elys2 cartridge. Solid ash round is finished with polyurethane and paste wax, and has adjustable solid-brass spike feet. Barky is a limited-production (10-15 per year on average), high-quality turntable made with a solid ash round, quality Rega parts kit, 24 Volt Power Supply ($225 retail), heavy glass platter ($135 retail) and Rega RB303 tonearm ($595 retail). It includes a pre-mounted Rega Elys2 Cartridge ($295 retail, not shown), adjustable solid brass spike legs, and is finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane and paste wax. Each Barky is somewhat unique. Barky has been featured in Metropolitan Home, Zink, California Home and Design, Velvet (Italy), Daily Mail (UK) and in dozens of online design mags. and blogs, including BoingBoing, Uncrate, NotCot, DesignBoom, Gizmodo, etc. Barky is available in either 115V or 230V versions (please specify when ordering). Barky is also compatible with the Rega TTPSU external power supply which is available, and which allows for push-button speed changes.

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