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specification description these coax plug connector are designed for connecting to your catv tv that ensure more clear vision effe...ct. these coax plug enable plug into a female plug. easy to mount with your cable no need to solder anyone can do.... read more

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universal speaker wire connector. screw on type audio connector provides a crimpless solderless termination. includes finger guard...s. 5 pair package for convenience. read more

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Designed to extend RCA Audio Cables or extend RCA component video and RCA composite video cables.<br> This Cownrok RCA Coupler has... female jacks on both sides. You can connect two cables (containing the Video and Left & Right Audio lines) together to make a longer cable to reach further.<br> This Component RCA coupler is the perfect fit to change male connectors to a female jack in order to add another length of cable. No need to buy a longer cable and have your existing cable just laying around. Just use your existing cable with this coupler and attach another cable to meet your length requirements. That does happen from time to time when installing a mobile video system. It can be a real life saver accessory. read more


<br/>Features: <br/>100W+100W dual-BTL class-D audio amplifier with single power supply <br/>Amplifier chip: TDA7498 <br/>Upgrade Golden L/R audio input connectors & volume adjustment screw; Free welding power supply connector <br/>Wide range single power supply: 14-32VDC(recommended 19-26V laptop power adapter or 24V power supply, current?5A, power?100W; don't use transformer) <br/>Output power: 100W+100W (Vcc = 36 V, RL = 6?, THD: 10%) <br/>Speaker impedance: 4-8 ohm (8 ohm best, 4 ohm or 6 ohm also works) <br/>Four fixed gain settings available: 21.6 dB, 27.6 dB, 31.1 dB and 33.1 dB <br/>Adopts differential input to minimize common-mode noise <br/>Protection: short-circuit protection, over temperature protection <br/>With cut-off and mute features <br/>High efficiency: 85% <br/>Note: Packaging with exposed pad up (EPU), more convenient to mount a separate heatsink <br/> <br/>Mode: <br/>Three kinds of modes avaliable: standby/ mute/ normal working mode <br/>Standby mode- all circuits closed, at a low power state; <br/>Mute mode- all input signals connects ground, the duty cycle of forward/backward PWM output signal is 50%; <br/>Normal working mode- the amplifier module works normally. <br/> <br/>Package Includes: <br/>1 x TDA7498 2x100W Audio Amplifier Board read more

Astell & Kern

<b>This product bundle includes Astell&Kern AK380 Bronze, AK380AMP, Exterme Audio Highspeed USB Wall Charger, Fidue Extrem Audio S...pecial Edition Balanced earphones</b><br> <br> The <b> AK380 Portable Hi-Fi Audio System</b> from <b>Astell&Kern</b> is a media player and USB DAC that supports a wide variety of audio formats including WAV, FLAC, ACC, MP3, WMA, OGG, and more in addition to DSD. It is equipped with a dual DAC AKM AK4490 chip that allows for native DSD playback, meaning it does not need to convert DSD files to WAV prior to analog conversion. <br> <br> The AK380 can be controlled via its 4.0" WVGA touch screen and features a physical volume knob. The unit has 256GB of internal storage, and supports microSD cards up to 128GB, for a total of 384GB of potential storage. Thanks to its streaming capabilities, you are not limited to playback of songs you have on your device, as it can stream tracks from your Mac or PC connected to the same wireless network. <br> read more