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3 Pin XLR Female ConnectorSuitable for 6mm outter diameter cable.Provides Ideal audio connection

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For those times when you need to adapt from banana to spade, Cardas Audio now offers pure copper, rhodium plated banana-to-spade a...dapter. Standard 6mm - 1/4" Spade opening read more

CAIG Laboratories
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CAIG DeoxIT® is a must have for improving the performance and reliability of ALL electrical connections on all equipment and parts...! Chemically Improves ALL Metal-to-Metal CONNECTIONS and CONTACTS! Improve and Protect Your: USB, Firewire, HDMI/DVI, RCA, BNC, SCSI, Ethernet, S-Video, Component Video, HDTV Connections and more. read more

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Night Owl Security
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Designed to extend RCA Audio Cables or extend RCA component video and RCA composite video cables.<br> This Cownrok RCA Coupler has... female jacks on both sides. You can connect two cables (containing the Video and Left & Right Audio lines) together to make a longer cable to reach further.<br> This Component RCA coupler is the perfect fit to change male connectors to a female jack in order to add another length of cable. No need to buy a longer cable and have your existing cable just laying around. Just use your existing cable with this coupler and attach another cable to meet your length requirements. That does happen from time to time when installing a mobile video system. It can be a real life saver accessory. read more

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audioquest componenent video 3x itc -18/bnc connector Brand: Audioquest

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3.5mm Male to 6.35mm Female Connector audio adapter for converter audio jack.Connect the microphone and speaker or other device this audio adapter. read more

"Eagle Aspen"
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Naxa Electronics
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GLS Audio
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Features metal and plastic material, HDMI Female to Female adapter connector.Made of durable material, it is a good replacement fo...r old and damaged ones. read more

GLS Audio
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Precision-made connectors ensure long-lasting quality.6pin S-Video Connector converts any S-Video cable socket.


Specification: Description: Features metal and plastic material, RCA Audio Video Female ConnectorMade of duarable metal material, is a good replacement for old and damaged ones. read more

Viborg Audio

Conductor material: Copper (br) Plating process: Gold plating (1.5 micron) (br) Install cable diameter: Min 6.5mm Max 17mm (1/4", ...11/16") (br) Install wire diameter: Max 3.3mm (8 AWG) (br) Vol/Amp: 100V~250V 10A (br) Product length: 73mm (2 7/8") (br) Product diameter: 38mm (1 1/2") (br) Product weight: 60g (br) read more

GLS Audio

We are now offering these New Professional Series XLR Plugs by GLS Audio. These XLR plugs are the same high quality plugs that we ...offer on all our mic cables. They have a double strain relief (internal Tri-GripTM and external rubber booty). As you can see in the above picture, the female locking end has a rubber grommet. This allows the ends to snap into place without being loose and sloppy like most other ends you may find. read more


Description:You can use this 3.5mm stereo headphone audio, video soldering jack to make any 3.5mm connector cable by yourself, the...n you can repair your favorite headphones. read more

GLS Audio

These high grade GLS Audio Black Chrome Series "Generation 4" banana plugs are perfect for the audiophile do-it-yourselfer! They w...ill accept wire gauge size of 10G, 12G, 14G, 16G, and 18G. The 24k gold plating will ensure a corrosion free connection. The plugs are made out of the highest grade of H59-1 brass. This BS20 is an 20 pack. You will receive 10 Red Banana Plugs and 10 Black Banana Plugs. read more

ECore Cables

An S-Video connector is a mini 4-pin DIN connector commonly used in video applications. The S-video connector is a standard defini...tion video connector, but offers better signal clarity than standard RCA composite video. This S-Video Male connector features a plastic housing with included cable strain relief. Internally, conductors are attached by soldering the wires to solder cups behind the connector. Choose our plastic S-Video Male connector for a connection that's cost-efficient and reliable. Features: S-Video Male Plastic Housing Strain Relief Nickel-Plated Conductors read more

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3 - Pack of RCA Y-Splitters 1 RCA (Female)Plug to 2 RCA (Female)Jacks Splitter Adapter - Gold Plated These RCA splitters can split... both Audio and 480 standard Video signals. This adapter will not work with either 720 or 1080 High Definition Signals. The connectors of this adapter are gold plated to ensure that there is a good connection with your equipment. read more

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Description:Plastic insulation jacket, for easier recognition, thread type, no soldering.The banana connector look nice and provid...e a solid contact. read more

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Description:Install in various electric appliances, like TV, DVD, computer, speaker, etc.Good replacement for the broken ones.