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<p><b>Before place order on <b>Pictek 25Miles Antenna</b>,you should know: </p></b><br> <p>1.There is a misinterpretation that is ...the more bigger range reception will get more channels,in fact,it is not correct. <br> if the distance from your home to boardcast is less than 35 miles,pls buy 35Miles which is suitable and cheaper <b>Asin: B01KWMEIJ4</b><br> If between 35miles and 50Miles,pls go to <b>Asin: B01M11QOSV</b> <br> If less than 25Miles,go to <b>asin : B01DM5GOL8</b> Before you buy, visit <b>"" or ""</b> check how many broadcast towers surrounding you within 50miles. <br></p> <p><b>Specification: </p></b><br> <p>Range:25 miles long range<br> Connectors:F Male,Voltage:5V<br> Cable Len: 10ft<br> Compatible with: HDTV of various digital terrestrial (DVB-T.ISDB- T,DMB-T/H, ATSC) and DAB/FM radios.<br> Comes with a sticker at the base <br></p> <p><b>FAQ: </p></b><br> <p><b>If your TV antenna is not working as expected, try the following tips:</b><br> 1, Correctly connected the TV antenna to HDTV or third-party HD receiver. <br> 2, Re-Scan for Channels. In the TV's setup menu, set the mode to TV Antenna or Air. <br> 3, Reposition the TV antenna in a different location,and always re-scan for TV channels after moving the TV antenna, sometimes moving a few feet can make a difference. <br> 4, keep the TV antenna away from those big power consumption devices interference, such as air conditioner, refrigerator and microwave oven,etc. <br> <br></p> <p><b>Our Warranty</p></b><br> <p>The signal reception of all tv antenna depends on distance,the terrain,the surroundings,weather,etc. But you can buy without worry at Pictek <br> If you are not satisfied,pls contact us for Quickest FULL Refund or replace it.In order to save your time, you can keep the item without shipping back to us. </p> read more

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The Coredy E300 Universal WiFi Range Extender is designed to conveniently extend the coverage and improve the signal strength of a...n existing wireless network and eliminate dead zones. Small size with better performance and wider coverage! Works with any standard router or gateway.</br></br> <b>Boost Your WiFi Coverage</b></br> Say goodbye to WiFi dead zones! The Coredy E300 WiFi Range Extender boosts your existing Wi-Fi coverage, extend wireless network to hard-to-reach areas.</br> Also works as a media bridge. While boosting your existing Wi-Fi coverage, the two Ethernet ports can also connect any wired device such as a smart TV, multimedia player, game console or PC to your WiFi network.</br></br> <b>High Performance External Antennas</b></br> Two external antennas for better performance. Reliable wireless N network speed up to 300Mbps covering your bedroom, floors, Restroom, garage and garden etc</br></br> <b>Easy Installation & Relocation</b></br> Easily expand wireless coverage at a push of the Coredy E300's WPS button and your router's WPS button. </br> Or, browser-based configuration, accessible from almost any device, including iOS and Android mobile platforms (if your router do not have a WPS button). </br> The smart LED signal indicator provides a simple and clear indication, helps you find the best location. </br></br> <b>Create a New WiFi Network Anywhere</b></br> In Access Point (AP) mode, it can be connected to any wired LAN to create a new Wi-Fi Access point, allowing the internet connection to be accessed from laptops, tablets, phones or other Wi-Fi devices. </br> (For example, a hotel's internet connection) </br></br> <b>Convenient and Flexible</b></br> 3-in-1 Repeater, Access Point and Router, Coredy E300 range extender brings Wi-Fi as the way you need it with its three selectable Work Modes. read more

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There's a full range of RCA antennas to handle all kinds of reception and installation needs. The indoor antennas feature technolo...gically advanced engineering, along with contemporary styling to allow you maximum effectiveness without interfering with your home decor. Also, all indoor antennas come with the necessary hook-up accessories for immediate and easy installation. read more


1byone High Gain Low Noise HDTV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster Technical Data: Frequency Range: 47 - 862MHz Gain: 20dB Out...put Level: 100dBuV Noise Figure: less than 4dB Power Supply: DC 6V 100mA by external adapter or DC 5V from USB source Works with any non-amplified / passive tv antennas Clear Circuit Technology increases range and channels Energy saving USB power supply with LED power indicator Perfect TV Antenna Amplifier This amplifier is a perfect accessory to boost signal for your passive antennas. Boost Any Non-amplified TV Antenna up to 15 Miles Range. White color is designed for white or light color passive antennas. About Antennas Performance Channel reception depends on what's being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers and your surroundings. (i.e. obstructions between you and the towers). Visit website and enter your address or zip code for details about the towers near you. This information will assist in selecting the correct antenna model and aiming your antenna for the best results. We do NOT recommend to use this amplifier/booster if your house is very close to the broadcast tower and the signal is already very strong. A booster will cause self-oscillate and you may get fewer signals than without. Note for best results, please move the antenna around for clarity Important Troubleshooting Steps - Please do remember to power the amplifier when in use, for this amplifier need power to work properly. - If customers use the amplifier but only to find the signal is not strong, please try moving your antenna to a different location - it is best to place the antenna in line of sight with the TV tower(s) and avoid obstructions. Do remember to do a channel scan every time you move your antenna. Buyer Guarantee 1byone 12 months Warranty assures you of its superior build quality. Note: Get 1byone tv antenna amplifier for better reception. read more

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Standard Horizon
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Replacement antenna for CP150/160/170 series plotters. Product : STANDARD GPS ANTENNA F/CP150 CP160 CP170 Manufacturer : STANDARD ...PARTS Manufacturer Part No : XUCMP0014 UPC : 788026094622 read more

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Antennas Direct
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Monoprice;creative=394997&amp;creativeASIN=B01MF92...UA6&amp;linkCode=df0 read more

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Diamond Antenna A144S5 base station Yagi beam antennas feature great performance from a lightweight, easy-to-install, 5-element de...sign. These high-gain 2M Yagi antennas are great for base or portable use and, with their factory adjustment, eliminate the need for tuning. Shown with optional Yagi Support Bracket, not included. read more

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<b>Milennia PRV19 Bluetooth Marine Boat Yacht Gauge Style Stereo Player</b> <br> AM/FM Radio <br> 4 Channels at 40Watts each cha...nnel <br> Aux Input <br> USB Input <br> Bluetooth Audio Streaming <br> Fits a standard Tachometer opening <br> Unit Dimension: Face: 4" Diagonally, 2.5" Depth <br> <b>JBL MS6510 6.5" Inch Dual Cone Marine Outdoor Stereo Speakers -White</b> <br> 6.5" Dual Cone Marine Speakers <br> Peak: 150 watts <br> RMS: 50 watts <br> Impedance: 4 ohms <br> Sensitivity: 90dB <br> Frequency Response: 50-18,000 Hz <br> Plus One polypropylene cones <br> Synthetic rubber surrounds <br> UV and water resistant grill <br> Cast polymer basket <br> Top-mount depth: 2-13/16" <br> <b>Lanzar AQA430WT 1800 Watts 4 Channel Mini Mosfet Marine Amplifier</b> <br> 4 x 300 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms <br> 4 x 600 Watts MAX @ 4 Ohms <br> 2 x 1200 Watts MAX @ 4 Ohms Bridged <br> 4 x 450 Watts RMS @ 2 Ohms <br> Electronic Crossover Network <br> Bass Boost Circuit <br> Bridgeable at 4 Ohms <br> 2 Ohms Stereo Stable <br> Nickel RCA Inputs <br> Power and Protection LED Indicators <br> THD S/N Ration : > 90 dB <br> Dimension : 1.73''(H) x 6.22''(W) x 8.03''(L) <br> <b>14 gauge marine grade Speaker wire </b> <br> <b>Stereo Protective Cover</b> <br> <b>Enrock Black Radio Antenna</b> <br> <b>Enrock Universal USB/3.5mm Auxiliary Interface Mount & Cable 3m Long</b> <br> Use with any Radio with Rear USB/RCA Inputs <br> Dustproof, Water Resistant Rubber Cover <br> UV Resistant <br> USB / RCA 10ft (3m) Pass Through Extension Cable <br> 1.5" Through Hole Mount "Requires 1-1/8" (29mm) Cutout <br> read more

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- US Global Sat GPS antenna- AT-65-MMCX (BT308 BC307 BC337 SD501 DG100)(connector type)- Light, compact, and stylish- Provides exc...ellent reception to optimize GPS performance and is easy to connect- Varied connectors are available- Antenna frequency: 1575.42+2MHz- Bandwidth: 10MHz Min. - Power handling: 1 watt- Amplifier module- Amplifier gain without cable: 27 dB typical- Cable: RG174, 5 meter long- Connector: MMCX/SMA/others- Mounting: magnetic base- 100% Waterproof USGAT65MM read more

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Larsen 450-470 MHz Field Tunable NMO Mobile Antenna Motorola style collinear antenna and coil only. For use with Motorola style m...ounts. read more

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The SN-UL-AK20L-IND is a 900MHz external antenna kit which connects to base stations for EnGenius DuraFon or Freestyle phone It includes 20-meters of LMR-400 cable. read more

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Antennas Direct
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HomeVision Technology
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PCTEL & Maxrad
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SODIAL(R);creative=394997&amp;creativeASIN=B00LO2W...MMW&amp;linkCode=df0 read more

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With the 360 degree patented reception technology, this sleek, ultra flat antenna delivers excellent signal reception quality and ...receives all available local HD broadcasts channels for free. Get the most out of your entertainment system with a TERK antenna. read more

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