Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver bundled with the AT-6012 record cleaner kit


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This Audio-Technica Bundle Includes: (1) AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver and (1) AT6012 Record Care Kit AT-LP120-USB: This professional stereo turntable features a high-torque direct-drive motor for quick start-ups and a USB output that connects directly to your computer. Other features include: forward and reverse play capability; cast aluminum platter with slip mat and a start/stop button; three speeds 33/45/78; selectable high-accuracy quartz-controlled pitch lock and pitch change slider control with +/-10% or +/-20% adjustment ranges; and removable hinged dust cover. A selectable internal stereo phono pre-amplifier allows the turntable to plug directly to components with no dedicated turntable input. A USB cable and adapter cables are included along with Mac- and PC-compatible Audacity software to digitize your LPs. AT6012: Microdust and contaminants can cause wear and tear on your records and stylus-they diminish sound quality, too. Audio-Technica's AT6012 Record Care Kit is designed to gently remove contaminates while improving record fidelity and tracking. AT6012 Record Care Kit contains: Audio-Technica Record Care Solution (2 FL. OZ); Sonic Broom brush pad; storage base; double-sided adhesive tape.

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