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Atlantic Technology AT-2-S-GLF H-PAS Bookshelf Speaker (Single, Gloss Black Fleck)


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The compact AT-2 speaker delivers a level of deep bass not previously thought possible from a bookshelf-sized speaker. The AT-2's patented H-PAS bass system (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System) is the reason. It combines elements of several speaker technologies-acoustic suspension, bass reflex, inverse horn, and transmission line-in a unique configuration to deliver powerful low-frequency response that breaks the Iron Law of loudspeaker acoustics: the notion that you couldn't have deep bass extension, good system sensitivity and reasonable enclosure size all in one design. H-PAS changes all that.

Atlantic Technology AT-2 Loudspeaker

Performance Build Quality Value Price: $900 each At A Glance: Comprehensive bass optimization in a small cabinet • Compelling midrange • Speckle gloss finish As a surround-oriented magazine, we rarely review speakers in stereo. But when Atlantic Technology offered a pair of its AT-2 H-PAS speaker, we couldn’t resist a listen. This loudspeaker uses an intricately constructed stand-mount enclosure to deliver bass comparable to that of an equivalent conventional floorstander. Does anyone want it?

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